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I remember flipping through the channels on tv one night, in my tiny apartment, many, many years ago. I happened to see a commercial for a new show called Supernatural. 

I did not recognize the actors, but the plot seemed interesting. The thing that caught my attention was when the commercial said to turn off all of your lights when you watch the pilot episode. 

This was before DVR, so I put a note on my calendar. When the show aired, I got comfy on my sofa, and I turned off all of my lights in my apartment. 

I remember the mom getting up to check on the baby, but the dad was already by the crib. Then she saw the dad asleep downstairs. The fire, the mom on the ceiling, the dad grabbing the baby, handing him to his little boy and saying “Dean, take your brother outside as fast as you can.” The dad trying to save the mom. Then the fire, taking everything they loved. The three of them outside, by the fire trucks. And then so many questions. Questions that were going to be answered sooner or later, as you could tell by the sad yet angry look on the dad’s face. He was not going to let this go. 

In the dark of my apartment, I was very captivated. It was an interesting show and from the beginning I was jumpy. I loved it. 

The brothers grew up, meeting again after years apart, and coming across a woman in white. More jumpy feelings. Then they showed the Impala. The trunk. The coolest car on our planet. 

I met Sam and Dean Winchester. Sam wanted to continue his college career, and Dean wanted to continue to “hunt” and find their dad, John. Their dad had been looking for the “thing” that killed their mom ever since it happened. 

Sam agreed to go on one “hunt” with Dean. Then Sam returned home, only to see his girlfriend have the same fate as their mom. It was the fire all over again. Jessica, the love of Sam’s life, on the ceiling surrounded by flames. Sam was devastated, angry, and vengeful. 

He left college and jumped in the Impala with Dean. 

Saving people, hunting things, the family business . . .
Season 1

They both vowed to find their dad and find the “thing” that killed their mom and Jessica. This was their life and their job now. Working together to stop whatever this was. 

I loved the premise and I couldn’t wait for the next episode. I have watched every episode after that. It was and is still my favorite show. I can “carry on” about Supernatural, but I’ll leave it for my blogs to come . . .

My lights are still off.


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