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Dame Divagate Recaps Current and Classic Television, Movies, Comic Books, Graphic Novel, and more!

Proceed with Caution, for Here there be Spoilers

Welcome! I’m Dame Divagate and, well, I’ve been around such a long time “this ain’t my first rodeo” doesn’t begin to cover it! It’s more like “this isn’t my first joust!” Digression Girl has asked me to take on recapping duties. As a woman who has earned her bread and butter (and occasional bowl of mead) by telling tales handed down from generation to generation, DG thought this would be a natural fit. And I think she’s right!

This feature will “recap” TV shows from last night, series and seasons from days gone by, movies new and old and remade, and comic books and graphic novels from all points in time. As I am but one simple traveler, I will turn to my comrades to serve as guests to recap those things they have strong feelings about.

Right now DG and I are working out the bugs, the format, the general busy work of getting on the same page then getting things actually on the page.

So watch this space! Because one important goal is to get you involved in the Comments section to share your take, discuss your point of view, especially if it is different from mine. Disagreement is welcome as long as everyone remembers disagreement is not a declaration of war or an indictment of someone’s character. When we listen instead of shut people down, we all gain valuable insight.