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Shake it up! How do you give characters some nuance?

“Nuance” is thrown around a lot in critiques, but do you actually know what it is? What it means? How it looks in characters? It’s something we all seem to say that we want, but do we really know what we’re asking for? Let’s dive in! For this, I’m using characters from “Star Trek: Deep …

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Do all characters need to be relatable? Heck no!

As we talk more about writing, and we’ve spent so much time on developing characters, I think this is a good time to talk about bending the rules a bit. Do all characters have to be relatable in some way? – NO! Not at all! Especially your antagonists!  You can create characters as fantastic, strange, …

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There is no Trope that is off limits in writing!

Continuing our talk on writing, let’s talk a little about the fear of writing into a “trope”, which is typically a writing cliché. The ones people worry about the most typically have negative connotations, but to be a good writer, you have to understand all your tools in the toolbox, even the tropes. Are there …

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What to consider when you make a hero/villain relationship!

Okay aspiring writers and critics! Like I said in my earlier blog, there is such a thing as objective quality, and being able to accurately judge what is good or bad is going to depend on your ability to understand and analyze what you are making or critiquing. To get the brain working a bit, …

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