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Bag of Dungeon: The Good, Bad & Verdict

Intro Bag of Dungeon is an indie table top game which allows players to create their own dungeons using random tiles. The object of the game is to find the Ring of Creation and kill the Dragon guarding the exit. Simple… right? But what is a dungeon crawling game without dozens of terrifying monsters? Battle them to the death and if victorious you are rewarded with awesome weapons and armour or you can run for your life, the choice is yours. This game began its journey on Kickstarter; the project earned almost four times its pledge goal with approximately 932 …

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What is the Best Place to Live if You Are an Anime Character?

One evening – whilst a gruesomely bloody scene from Claymore unfolded before my eyes – my friend turned to me and said, “This has got to be one of the worst anime universes to live in… what do you think is the best place to live if you’re an anime character?” Without a second’s hesitation I replied, “Nanba Prison!” Seems like an odd choice considering it’s well . . . a prison. But after I explain my reasoning, I reckon I’ll be able to at least convince you to put this on your top ten list of best places to …

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