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Robert Pattinson as The Batman


I’m not good at riddles, but I love a play on words. Is “The Batman” good? – Yes, yes it is. And yes HE is. The movie was well done and the character of the Batman has come back to his heroic roots and origins as a detective. 

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What is The Walking Dead ACTUALLY about?

I get asked all about zombie fiction all the time, mostly about why it’s popular, but more importantly, “what’s the point?!” Interestingly enough, if you’ve read The Walking Dead comic, it actually makes it very clear that the series has a very important point to make, far beyond what the individual struggles to survive would have you believe. The Walking Dead was about carrying the light of civilization through the end of the old age and into the new; so really, the big takeaway is that we’re all just, “The Walking Dead” without civility, order, and morality to guide us. …

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The Case of Hana & Alice: a Deeper Look

The Case of Hana & Alice is an anime film starring Yû Aoi as as Tetsuko Arisugawa (Alice) and Anne Suzuki as Hana. The film was written and directed by Shunji Iwai in 2015 and can be watched with French and English subtitles. Upon doing my research for this blog post I discovered this film is actually a prequal to Iwai’s 2004 live action film Hana & Alice. But I believe this anime gem can be a stand-alone film, full of plenty of subtle themes with deeper meanings, interpretations and symbolism for us to explore. I am going to be …

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The Adam Project: Gotta go back in time!

I just finished watching the film, (seriously, about 50 seconds ago), and felt like typing a review. The Adam Project does something I haven’t seen in a while:  it breaks away from a lot of the modern story telling tropes to tell what I would call a classic story. What kind of story? Well, a simple one: “The boy learns a lesson.” Without going into spoilers, the movie is obviously about a time traveler, (Future Adam), who goes back in time and teams up with his 12-year-old self, (Younger Adam) to stop a villain who is abusing time travel. Along …

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I’m not good at riddles, but I love a play on words. Is “The Batman” good? – Yes, yes it is. And yes HE is. The movie was well done and the character of the Batman has come back to his heroic roots and origins as a detective. It feels strange that I need to type that out, but with the Snyderverse Batman having been branding and killing criminals without a second thought and directly using Frank Miller as an inspiration, (specifically, “The Dark Knight Returns”), it’s actually been a while since we’ve seen a more canon comic-accurate Batman. Matt …

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My first 40+ hours with Elden Ring: Skyrim is for $%^&*es.

I love The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I really do. But Elden Ring brings a whole new level of awesome to fantasy open-world games, along with the patented “Soulborne” style and difficulty! It’s more approachable than Dark Souls 3 was for new players and gives you a lot of options to play with but make no mistake: this isn’t an RPG that is going to hold your hand, and it expects you to WORK. Thankfully, the “work” is an absolute blast! Let’s get the basics out of the way: Does the game live up to the hype? YES! It’s one …

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Wise Man’s Grandchild: Gary Stu, The Series!

Wise Man’s Grandchild is the epitome of a Gary Stu star and story. It’s been hilarious to me how the “Mary Sue” label has caught on so strongly and become such a bone of contention with many fans, reviewers, and critics over the last few years, especially when reviewing what comes out of Hollywood. Characters like Rey from the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars are frequently labeled as a Mary Sue (and rightfully so, though not as extreme as this), but in many of those debates the core concept of how a Mary Sue is defined always comes up. And …

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The Walking Dead, (Comic) was never about Zombies.

Obviously, everyone has probably seen or heard of the TV show, “The Walking Dead”, based on the original comic. But not many people have likely read the comic, which is a shame. It ended a while ago, and I finally had a chance to read through it and get to the utterly fantastic ending. But as I read through the series, (especially the ending), I realized that Robert Kirkman is actually brilliant as a writer: The Walking Dead was never about Zombies, it’s about something much bigger. The end of “The Walking Dead” comic book brings into focus what the …

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Rewild by Devin Grayson & Yana Adamovic, A Review

Something Wicked This Way Comes . . .Reviewing Rewild, A Graphic Novel by Devin Grayson & Yana Adamovic Available now in select stores.* Call or stop by your local direct-to-market comic book shop or major book retailer. Available everywhere January 11, 2022 from Dark Horse Comics. https://www.darkhorse.com/Search/rewild re·wild /rēˈwīld/ verbRestore (an area of land) to its natural uncultivated state (used especially with reference to the reintroduction of species of wild plant and animal life that have been driven out). Rewild is the highly anticipated graphic novel from the mind of the ground-breaking and boundary-breaking writer Devin Grayson, the first woman to create …

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Critical Role Campaign 3: Bertrand Bell needed to die. Here’s why. (AKA: Why it’s good business to start a story with a death.)

I know, I know, that’s pretty harsh. But keep in mind: Critical Role is a multi-million dollar business. With the 10 million dollars they’ve earned on Twitch and the 11 million dollars they raised to make their own TV show, (and whatever they end up getting paid through merchandise sales and Amazon Prime), this is no longer a game of friends playing D&D for fun. This is a business, and that means hitting certain marks. Diving right in, Bertrand Bell needed to die for the purposes of the story and marketing. This was planned in advanced by Matt Mercer and …

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My Next Life As A Villainess

My Next Life As A Villainess–the best Surprises I’ve had with anime in a long time! I didn’t realize that the heroine we’ve been needing would arrive in an anime set in a very clichéd genre: Isekai. Someone dies in our world and is reborn in a new one. I’ll admit I’m a little addicted to the genre; they’re usually really fun and try to answer that question of what we, the audience, would do in a fantastic setting and world. But a lot of these typically take a big left turn and include radically overpowered Mary Sues and Gary …

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Lookin’ Sharpe! – A Quick Review of the Sharpe TV Series with Sean Bean.

      A couple weeks ago I was poking around YouTube when a video popped up on my feed picturing Sean Bean in a sword fighting duel. Me being me, I clicked on it immediately, since I’m a fan of the actor and of swordfights; it’s a complete win-win. But what surprised me was that I had never seen or even heard of the show the clip was from, a TV series called “Sharpe”, based off the novels of the same name. The duel was fantastic; Richard Sharpe, the titular character, is a soldier roped into a high society …

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