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Will Smith Assaulting Chris Rock: Crossing the Line

After making a joke about Jada Smith’s haircut and saying she was prepping for “G.I. Jane 2”, Will Smith walked up onto the stage and hit the performer right in the face. I honestly don’t know where to start with this. I may have to update this later if charges are filed, (you can file within six-months), but tonight, Chris Rock’s loved ones saw him take a blow to the face in front the elite of Hollywood and no one lifted a finger in his defense. Worse, the Oscars are recorded and filmed in front of millions of people; and …

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Alec Baldwin Isn’t a Murderer; Here’s Why.

I’ve worked on TV and film sets off and on for 15 years in Los Angeles, and dealt with a lot of prop guns as a performer playing soldiers, police officers, Federal Agents, and more. I’m also one of the few conservatives you’ll meet in LA; I’m a very big defender of the 2nd Amendment, and the Justice System. With that in mind, I think this is a good time to separate out what happened on this set with a crime like murder. The tragedy that happened in New Mexico while filming “The Rust” is a case about liability and …

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