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About Team Digression Girl

The creation of this site was aided by Team Digression Girl’s Amazing Artists and the content is provided by Team Digression Girl’s Creative Contributors, who write blogs, reviews, and more. Whether you sign up to be a Digressor or just like to stop by and check things out, you are also part of Team Digression Girl! If after hanging out for a bit you’d like to contribute a blog post or review, contact us and we can set you up as a Guest Blogger. If you like doing it and want to do it on the regular (we ask for about 3 contributions a month from official Contributors, but life happens and sometimes folks run hard for a few months, then drop off a bit while attending to other things, then come back both barrels blazing), please check out how you can Become a Contributor! Several of our contributors did the “try before you buy” Guest Blogger route, and ended up with their own page.

Please Note: We won’t be welcoming more Contributors until the second quarter of 2022, but Guest Bloggers are always welcome. You never know, you may decided you’d like to become a Contributor after a few months! We hope so!

Art by Sannah

Often the Guest Blogger page is empty, because when someone comes on as a regular contributor, all their content moves to their own page. When you post as a guest, the name you signed up with will be your byline, and if you don’t want that name as your byline, simply go to your account and change the name there–couldn’t be easier. Please note, there is a hold on adding regular contributors until second quarter 2022, but that doesn’t stop you from contributing as a Guest Blogger in the meantime. If you come on as a regular, all of your content is moved to your page. Please note, your byline as a guest blogger, so if you don’t want the name you picked when you signed in for the site, just head over to Account and change the name there!

Art by Sannah

Our contributors don’t stick to a single lane–many are fans of multiple topics this site is dedicated to: Movie and TV universes, gaming (video, RPG, etc.), the wacky and wild wide world of superheroes, as well as other areas covered by mainstream sites as “genre.” Some have participated in the Reviews page, and more will likely do so in the future. These talented folks have a lot going on, so you may see a bunch of posts then relative silence, as real life concerns like family time, work, school, and other interests require their attention. But don’t worry, they will be back! Your comments are not only welcome, but required! Our contributors want to hear your feedback, whether or not it is agreeing, disagreeing, or bringing up pieces and parts that inform the conversation! And once the site settles on the best format for a chat page, don’t be surprised if they pop up now again, and definitely expect to see them on the Community page, contributing answers to questions, posing questions of their own, taking users up on their conversation gambits, and posting a few of their own! A couple are just getting started, their blogs and other features waiting for content development to get their pages ready, targeted before the end of the year.

Even better? They are a pretty diverse group–we have a contributor from the UK and another from the Philippians, we have folks from from age 19 to 50-something, we have contributors who are members of the LGBTQ+ community, some of our writers are long time admirers of the subject matter, and others are relative newbies. Because inclusion and diversity are major goals of the site, I’m over the moon that so many people have signed on as Contributors! That it came about organically makes it even more satisfying! As the site grows and gains traction, I hope we can continue to attract talent from all over.

Although all Bloggers, official contributors and guests, retain the copyright of their work and the right to post it elsewhere in their own name, we do request that if you have the opportunity to post your blog or long form post/essay, even if expanded upon, on another site or in a different medium, that you include “A version of this [article/post/insert here] was original posted on http://www.DigressionGirl.com, Month & Year,” but it’s not a requirement.

A caveat to people who may see this as an easy poaching ground: The names of each contributor and artist are known to the site admin and if they or we come across their work posted/published under another name, action will be swift and decisive. The option to copy from this site is disabled and we know the same work-a-rounds you do: Please respect the work of the writers and artists on this site. They have worked hard to create something beautiful, welcoming, and informative for you enjoy and participate in. The writers are unpaid and contribute their work out of a genuine love of the genre and a desire to share their thoughts. And while the artists are paid for their work, it doesn’t make their dedication to the site any less than the contributors. Stealing the product of writers and artists is about as low as a person can go. You will not only be banned from the site, you will face legal action.

Ugh! That was a mood killer, but it had to be stated. Fortunately there are far more people who just love the content and beautiful art and respect the people who create it than those who don’t! But some things just have to be said . . . or so it has been explained to me by my lawyers!