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Digression Girl: The Genesis of the Site

How did Digression Girl come to be? Check out the About page for the moment digression girl, an acknowledgment that I had gone down a bit of a trek before getting back on track to an actual alter-ego/independent character. The site, in turn, grew from frustration with the site where she was born; the ever-increasing troll activity AND people who seem to use the DMs as the place for a come on; and how completely over I became of the cursed ‘bot moderators. From that set of aggravation came the idea of creating a space where people could ask questions related to the content of the site and get answers from other users and where there was a person moderating who can be contacted as needed to review concerns, look into reports of bad behavior, and review the content in question within the context of the conversation. You can’t game mods with a pulse!

Digression Girl aspires to be kind of a superhero for civil discourse, creator of a “safe space,” where people can feel confident they are taken seriously and that any chaos junkies sowing dissent for the sheer hell of it will get the boot. If the moderator hasn’t seen it, reach out via the Contact Us page and I will personally take a look at the situation and take appropriate steps (see Site Rules for how that works). Maybe a hero no one knew they wanted, but one we all kinda needed.

New born and bored, Digression Girl longed to do something positive, something, anything other than returning to her status as an acknowledgment that I, well, tend to digress. A lot. It is a defining trait, so expect to see a lot of it. It’s right up there in the site name.

Art by Summer Snow

So, DG as we call her when too lazy to type out “Digression Girl,” looked around her world, i.e., the internet, and she saw a LOT of talented people who loved talking about comic books, super hero movies, TV shows using characters from comic books or influenced by super heroes in general; movies and TV shows born from or influence by “genre” novels like The Magicians series by Lev Grossman, and, yes, the various vampire, werewolf, & other “sympathetic monsters”; the modern van Helsings, the chosen ones, the family businesses, the hereditary duty hunters who were somewhere in between chosen and hunters–TV shows, movies, novels that were influenced by decades, even centuries, of traditional stories, tales to frighten children, and finally, novels; Sci-Fi movies and TV such as Star Trek and Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica (both versions!), Firefly, and so much more!

These people, our people, having spirited conversations, passionate debates, sharing theories, proposing ideas that probably would never happen but would be so cool! All this talent, all these great ideas, all out of love for these “niche” genres, a love that got us labels like “geek,” “nerd,” “fanboy,” and “fangirl.” But something odd and unlooked for had been happening for a while, quietly at first, then so loud it broke the glass in movie studio corporate towers everywhere: While the “too cool for the comic book store” crowd wasn’t looking “niche” media and the people who created it took over the world. Surely now these talented, intelligent, passionate life-long supporters of these genres would be heard and valued.

Not so much, as it turned out!

Chaos Junkies, Trolls, and Jerks: Unpoisoning the Well

Art by Summer Snow

The trolls, hearing some subcultural clarion call to action, came trundling out from under their bridges, to sow dissention and chaos wherever they pop up. And like trolls at a kegger, they hog the mead, throw things in the pool, steal the host’s parents’, well, everything. They create controversy where none exists, agendas out of bad scripts and worse marketing, and anger out of nothing worse than disagreement.

Worse? They were winning. They can work the ‘bot system better than we can, because we are sincere and they are just out to cause trouble. And cause it they have. On Twitter, Quora, comments on genre sites, and both comments on YouTube channels and on channels of their own.

Digression Girl took all of this in, the good, the bad, the incomprehensible; she traveled the highways and byways and backroads of the internet; she made a decision:

We can do better. We deserve better!

This is my, no, our contribution to making things better. “Ours” because the concept is one thing; finding people to help make it real is not just another thing, it is a required thing. We hope you enjoy the site. Take some time to read the site Rules to Live By, especially as it pertains to posts (you can use the link or find it on the drop down menu from Home). Short form? Follow Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a Dick.

To see the story based on the answer to that long ago fun question that took digression girl to Digression Girl, read The Birth of Digression Girl.