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This Discord channel can be used for feedback and comments on the site and is where Digressors can talk about ideas, theories, reactions to material, and whatever else comes to mind. When you access this page, the Welcome and Rules page will be displayed, and the Login/Logout button can be seen on the lower left of the window. Remember to Login before chatting so your conversation is attributed to you and not Guest–too many Guests can make it hard to track who is talking to who about what! The window will open on the “Welcome and Rules” section. Please be sure to read and abide by these rules when on this Chat. For more information see the Site Rules.

Once you have read the Welcome and Rules page, you can click on any of the other sections. The General text channel is where the “magic” happens. Use and participation on the Discord Digressors Community server is an implied agreement to abide by the stated rules, which in a nutshell are:

Be civil, remember each screen name represents a real person with all the same complexities that you have, trolls get sent back to the bridges they trundled out from under, chaos junkies better get on chaos methadone or they can join the trolls.

Wait! Who are the Digressors, you ask? Well, that would be you! Digression Girl and the team will also pop on from time to time to chat with our subscribers/visitors and weigh in on questions or feedback regarding the site. So bring up a topic and ask others their opinions on it and see where it goes!

Contact Us if you have any trouble with the interface or want to make us aware of problems the mods may have missed! We’re human and can’t be on 24/7, so your help is appreciated!

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