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Hello all! This isn’t really a blog post. We had some really supportive comments before we launched and I wanted to honor them, and not lose them when the home page changed. So, this is a version my pre-launch post!

For years “digression girl strikes again” was a phrase I used a lot when posting answers and comments on Quora. Basically, it could have been a lifelong catch phrase had I thought of it earlier! If there is one thing I have always been known for it is wandering down side roads before getting back to the highway!

One day a fun question was asked on Quora (see About page for the full story), and what began as a deeply silly answer to that question, became the moment when “yes, yes, digression girl digressed again” became moment when Digression Girl leapt from my aching head, like a cyber-born Athena from the brow of Zeus, and from that question, a fully-formed hero was born, after too many years of gestation and headaches that I would happily have whapped my own head with a labrys to bring the relief of letting the warrior and wisdom out into a world with her swirling brain filled with comic books, genre media, and useless trivia, and, of course, song lyrics (no, there is not song lyric category on the site)!

Digression Girl is the hero that no one asked for, but so many of us need, as our world of outsider content moved into the hands of the mainstream population. Bored, and with nothing but the internet for entertainment, she dove in, and quickly came up or air out of the toxic dump that the internet can be in certain neighborhoods, took a look around her world, the internet, and Digression Girl saw a lot of not-love and not-knowledge for the source material for the movies and TV shows so many enjoy, and a lot of not-love for the fantastic genre TV shows and movie that adapted genre novels and comic books and wholly original works from people who love the same things we love.

She also saw a LOT of talented people who loved talking about all of this, having spirited conversations, passionate debates, sharing theories, proposing ideas that probably would never happen but would be so cool! All this talent, all these great ideas, all out of love for these “niche” genres, a love that got us labels like “geek,” “nerd,” “fanboy,” and “fangirl.” But something odd and unlooked for had been happening for a while, quietly at first, then so loud it broke the glass in movie studio corporate towers everywhere: While the “too cool for the comic book store” crowd wasn’t looking, “niche” media and the people who created it took over the world. Surely now these talented, intelligent, passionate life-long supporters of these genres would be heard.

Art by Snow Frost

Nope. Now, every person with a couple of seasons of the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica or The Big Bang Theory under their belt, or who has seen a handful of MCU or WoDC movies, loves/hates the Prequels and the Sequels, thinks you have to choose between Star Trek and Star Wars, and has an internet connection fancies themselves experts in the field and produce a lot of well-intended, but flawed, content.

And our voices are being drowned out. Oh, we are out there, making YouTube channels, writing articles, adding our knowledge to questions on Reddit, Quora, various wikis. But we are getting harder to find, edged out by glorified click-bait sites, corporate owned listicles, and “review” sites whose writers produce a lot, but it is superficial and often filled with errors, both grammar and on the topics.

Digression Girl took this in, the good, the bad, the incomprehensible; she traveled the highways & byways & backroads of the internet; she decided:

We can do better.

This is Digression Girl’s, well, my, attempt to contribute to making things better. I hope you will enjoy it and join in. We are new, but growing daily. I hope you will visit often and watch us grow; comment on the Blogs; become active on the Questions & Answers page–you can ask them or answer them, you can just throw out an idea to talk about, or do all of it; read the Reviews and talk about your thoughts, why you agree or disagree, in the comment section; get involved in the Chat with the Digressors page, where you can post ideas for the contributors and your fellow DG followers to engage with; Contact us with feedback or site questions; maybe see about posting a guest blog, or a become a regular Contributor. And check out our Cool Links page and explore other sites run by people who love all of this as much as we do!

Some of the pages are still being constructed, but we will keep working until this site is fully operational, on target for late July/early August. Fortunately, Alderaan won’t be sacrificed to test our site and terrify the galaxy. You can use the time to read the site Site Rules, especially as it pertains to posts. Short form? Follow Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a Dick.

To see the story based on the answer to that long ago fun question that took digression girl, to Digression Girl, visit About Digression Girl.


Just like the making of a fine wine: It will take time and talent.
Art Sannah & Belle

It will take a little time, but the plan is to go from our launch with Blogs to a LAUNCH with Q & A, users posting questions and getting quality answers, fun theories that grow out of essays or responses no matter how far they strayed from the original* (Terror Tangent’s main playground), great conversations, and all sorts of opinions. The key component for all of these extra features is all of you, those who have commented early, those visiting now that we’ve launched . . . if all I wanted was a place to share my thoughts, this would be a single person blog. I want to create a space that is interactive, fun, and provides an outlet to anyone who is passionate about the topics covered.

There is no try, there is only do.
Art by Snow Frost

I’m lining up people with expertise in areas I don’t have or to supplement areas I’m strong in but want more voices, so we’ll have comic books; superhero movies & TV; genre lit, movies, TV (for example, The Magicians, BTVS, BSG, Supernatural); gaming, video games, DnD and other RPGs, visual arts . . . We’ll have information about the team: How to contact the artists if they’re taking commissions, info about the contributors (the regular posse), and guest contributors, if I get lucky.

And a surprise or two. Not at all ambitious!


Art by Marina MacDonald

This really helped the Team’s morale and we wanted to preserve that. You guys are the best: Anna, Wyatt, UDM King, Yubi, RoSinSkY, FMJ Rett, The Random Unicorn, Bigman, and Plant!

Now that we’ve launched and joined us free to add your thoughts on the site here in the comments section or head on over to Contact if you want a longer or more private conversation!

Thank all of you who checked us out early. I hope we can live up to your expectations. Your support is appreciated. I am blessed with amazing artists & writers on Team Digression Girl and amazing early supporters!

And I hope to include amazing readers and site users to my increasing list of great Digression Girl peeps.


24 thoughts on “Welcome! And Stay Tuned! I’ll eventually post more, I’m thisclose on a handful of posts. Just need a not-busy day to finish them.

  1. Anna says:

    I’m rather excited for the future stories and insights I can pick up from this site! Kuddos!

    1. Wyatt says:

      I’m excited too!

      1. Anna says:

        I follow them on twitter, do you too?

    2. I’m excited, too! We’ve had some delays (life, right? sheesh), but we are go for a June 30 launch, with more content being added through July.

      As you can see, the artists on what we call Team Digression Girl are AMAZING, and the site designer, Snow, is also one of the artitsts.

      You can check out a bit about them by clicking more and selecting Artists. Snow, Belle, Marina, and Sannah are all talented with unique styles. I am beyond lucky to have them.

      If you check us out on Twitter, you can see the banner Snow created, and the different avatars by each artist. On the pinned post, each avatar change is documented. And there is more to come!

    3. And, Anna, thanks for following Digression Girl! I hope I follow you back!

      Trying to build a following without piggybacking on politics or controversy is hard, but I treasure the people following DG and hope to eventually find more folks who are interested!

  2. Wyatt says:

    I really love the art on this site too! It’s adorable!

    1. Hi, Wyatt! Thanks for sharing our excitement and giving props to the artists. Team Digression Girl, aka Belle, Marina, Sannah, and Snow, are the best. And Snow’s site design saved me. I knew what I wanted and WP was not on-board. Then Snow worked her, well, I was going to say “magic,” but it is skill, experience, and a great eye, all wrapped up in great communication so she could take a site map and her experience with me on her art and just nail it.

      She’s awesome. If you follow us on Twitter (@DigressionGirl) we’ll see you there. If not, please consider it!

      Can’t wait to launch!

  3. UDM King says:

    I Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds!

    1. LOL! Neither can I! This went from a small idea and has really grown. I am proud of what we are doing and I am sure will be as amazed as everyone else when we launch. This may be my baby, but it has many parents in the artists and the contributing bloggers!

      If you haven’t given us a follow on Twitter, what are you waiting for? @DigressionGirl will start being more about the coming site than it has been because there is waayyy more news! (And if you do, thank you!)

  4. Yubi says:

    Pretty work lovely

    1. Thank you! Marina, Snow, Sannah, and Belle are very talented.

      I hope that I, and my fellow bloggers, can come close to the bar they’ve set for brilliance!

      Hope to see you on Twitter, if you aren’t already following, @DigressionGirl is waiting for you!

  5. RoSinSkY says:

    Im excited to discover what do you want to show. I believe in your potencial… Keep going mate.
    Hugs, Gonçalo “RoSinSkY” Cunha

    1. Thank you! You are really kind and the whole of Team Digression Girl, artists Sannah, Marina, Snow, & Bell, and the regular contributing bloggers, are what will make this shine!

      Hope you visit again after we launch on June 30, with more content rolling out in July.

      More info to come on Twitter @DigressionGirl–if you aren’t following us there, please consider it!

      Digression Girl will do her level best to deserve your faith in the site!!

  6. FMJ Rett says:

    interesting work

    1. Thank you! We thinks so!

      June 30th is coming fast for our launch and we will be going full-tilt boogie adding content in July.

      If you aren’t following us on Twitter (@DigressionGirl), please consider it. There will be more news about the launch posting in coming days!

      DG has been circumspect so far, because our date has been shifting due to various bumps, but we are good to go, so the info will be coming faster as we get closer!

  7. The Random Unicorn says:

    Me hopes good things happen for u

    1. Thanks, Random Unicorn! I hope this is a success, because Team Digression Girl, artists Marina, Snow, Belle, & Sannah, have worked hard to make it look great, and Digression Girl and her posse of bloggers are working hard on content. DG needs to work on the general site content this week! Wish her luck.

      If you don’t follow @DigressionGirl on Twitter, please consider hitting that button. There will be more site info coming as we close in on June 30.

      Thank you for your support and interest!

  8. bigman says:

    I’ll sure be reading this once it comes out, I love the character design and the enthusiasm from the team.

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, we’ve had to delay until July 11–long dull story.

      But the team is awesome and I want to keep them enthusiastic and happy!

      If you don’t follow us on Twitter, please consider it. We try to keep updates there (also, super hard to build a following there! @DigressionGirl

    2. Awesome! Thanks! Be sure to follow @DigressionGirl on Twitter. It is quiet now because I am busy with this, but it will be a source of information soon!

  9. Plant says:

    Nice and interesting!!

    1. Thanks! As I mentioned above, we’ve had to push the launch back, but if you follow us on Twitter (@DigressionGirl) we’ll keep you updated!

    2. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.

      Right now, our Twitter is pretty quiet because my time is here getting the pieces rolling out post launch ready, but it will be a great source of information. If you would like to follow it is @DigressionGirl


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