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Joker’s Super Sanity Debunked

The concept of Joker’s “super-sanity” was first mentioned in the classic Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean back in 1989 and comes as a “diagnosis” by an Arkham psychologist who is obviously both unreliable and not good at her job—she tried to cure Two-Face by giving him objects that allow for more than two choices, including playing cards. The coin is not Harvey’s pathology, it is a tool he uses to express it. His pathology stems from his disfigurement splitting his face in two. We aren’t supposed to take her at her …

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What an Inker Brings

There are still people who really don’t get the power an excellent inker has to take good art and make it amazing. Terry Austin makes everyone look better. Cockrum, Byrne, Smith, Davis, he elevates incredible art to something sublime. Austin has a great eye for line weight, shadows, face. John Byrne basically inks his own work now, and it shows. For one thing he is doubling his working time and that can lead to less than stellar art, for another his lines are too thin, it is close to literal tracing. Byrne w/Austin: Gerry Ordway and Dick Giordano are also …

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Welcome! And Stay Tuned! I’ll eventually post more, I’m thisclose on a handful of posts. Just need a not-busy day to finish them.

  Hello all! This isn’t really a blog post. We had some really supportive comments before we launched and I wanted to honor them, and not lose them when the home page changed. So, this is a version my pre-launch post! For years “digression girl strikes again” was a phrase I used a lot when posting answers and comments on Quora. Basically, it could have been a lifelong catch phrase had I thought of it earlier! If there is one thing I have always been known for it is wandering down side roads before getting back to the highway! One …

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