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Check Out These Sites!

Check out these sites if you’re interested in all things comic books, graphic novels, comic book live action adaptations; “supernatural” (magic, different worlds collide, monsters, hauntings, fantasy-revisionist history) novels, TV, movies, and their comic book or graphic novel adaptations; SciFi and science fantasy across all media, including expanded universe and in or out of continuity books and comic books; gaming of all kinds, such as RPG board games, MMORPGs, RPGs, home console games focusing on strategy, adventure, world-immersion. (Yeah, I know there is a name for Elder Scrolls & Superhero video games, but I’m running out of acronym patience. If you play ’em, you get the gist.)

I will be adding links as I find them–please send your favorites our way via Contact Us and we’ll check them out!