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Bringing the X-Men into the MCU

Ever since rumors started to spread about the acquisition of FOX by Disney, one major question has been in the minds of comic fans. How will Marvel Studios introduce the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU? The Fantastic Four are easier. Their origin is easy to adapt to the MCU. The X-Men are more difficult. Introducing the X-Men also means introducing mutants, an entire population of super-powered people, into the an already established universe. Marvel Studios has to figure out a way to explain how these other super-powered people have been around without anyone noticing. These are my ideas …

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Fan Casting The Dresden Files

If there was one series that I want to see adapted for the small screen, it’s The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The Dresden Files is one of the more popular fantasy series currently being published, and a favorite of mine.  The stories center around Harry Dresden, a wizard working as a private investigator in Chicago.  The stories are a melding of detective stories, fantasy and horror.  Dresden deals with all manner of cases involving everything from organized crime, to vampires and demons and even a certain curse involving a baseball team and a goat. All through the series, starting …

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Passionate Fans- the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I intend to post a lot about some of my favorite franchises on Digression Girl.  One that is near and dear to me is Star Wars.  The fandom has received its share of bad press over the last few years.  A lot of it is deserved, but I also think it’s due to a small but vocal part of the whole.  I wanted to put my thoughts regarding what it means to be a passionate fan into writing.  Some of my posts will be critical, sometimes a bit sarcastic, but I want to use this time to lay out my …

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Anthony the Silver talks about the Star Wars Expanded Universe

A Brief Star Wars EU Overview The Star Wars universe is one of my favorite fictional universes.George Lucas and his collaborators developed a fictional universe that blended several distinct genres, including fantasy, westerns, science fiction, and samurai, into a single, living breathing universe.This universe was brought to life in a way that gave it a lived-in feel.Gone were the spotless uniforms or environments from traditional space operas.Locales had their own personality, characters had their own distinct look that fit their role, ships ranged from spit polished clean to messes of wire, conduits, and leaking fluids.This made the universe more relatable …

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