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Spider-Man: why he kicks %^&*. Literally.

As an Agent with the [Redacted] with a license to [Redacted], I’m fascinated by all forms of combat, and have studied fighting a lot. So when it comes to the fiction I like, you better believe that I’m down for seeing some two-fisted justice get laid out in comics, TV, and film! And something I’ve debated endlessly about with other Agents from organizations like [Redacted] is about why Spider-Man, the classic pencil-necked geek, was able to lay the smack-down on so many villains despite never having trained to fight a day in his life. Let’s start with what I love …

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Let’s talk tabletop games: why do so many Dungeon Masters avoid allowing “Evil” player characters?

The short answer: because it’s actually pretty tough to do evil well. Most people end up being “Evil.” (More on that below.) Evil done well: (Gul Dukat, “Deep Space Nine”) – If the guy who ran Auschwitz believed himself to be the ‘kinder, gentler’ administrator who prided himself on reducing deaths by 20% during his tenure, and wanted to be loved as an overlord. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he then becomes the footsoldier of the Jewish Devil and swears to kill every Jew. But between the start and end of this character’s journey, we see him as a …

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Retro Review: Astro City – Confession. A must-read for all comics fans! (Spoiler Free)

There are very few stories I would say are “must-reads” when it comes to comics. But when it comes to recommendations, my first two are usually, “A Death in the Family” and “A Lonely Place of Dying”, which are both Batman stories, and shockingly, both about Robin, Batman’s partner. “A Death in the Family” is the story of the first major, lasting death in the Bat-Family: that of Jason Todd, the second Robin. It’s one of the most heart-breaking stories I’ve ever read and I got to read it as it came out when I was a kid. A couple …

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My Cast for Astro City: Confession

  Since the story has a broad setting but an intensely personal dynamic to dive deeply into, it’s more a relational piece than big action; because of that, you need some high-power talent! If you haven’t read the story, it’s an exploration of heroes through the eyes of a “Robin”, a junior partner to a main hero. It’s a fantastic story, and one that actually uses post-modernism well by asking good questions and then answering them: what defines a hero? What are those qualities? And once we know what makes a hero, what do we decide to do for ourselves …

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Not all changes are good: Taskmaster in Black Widow should have stayed the same as the comics.

I’m Agent [Redacted]. I’d tell you my name, but then I’d have to kill you. At least, that’s what movies would have you believe. People making movies make some interesting choices, and I LOVE talking about those choices! For Instance, Let’s talk about the new “Black Widow” film, and one of the major choices they made for The Taskmaster! ***WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD***   There was a missed opportunity here. The Taskmaster that the film created is a big departure from the comic book version, and I think that hurts the film. What makes Taskmaster fun in Marvel Comics is that …

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