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Digression Girl: The Origin of a Site

For years “digression girl strikes again” was an often repeated piece of self-reflection on my tendency to digress in all things, especially answers and comments on Quora.

Then one day a fun question was asked, and what began as a deeply silly answer to that question, was the moment when “yes, yes, digression girl digressed again” became something else, something more. Like a modern-day Athena sprung fully formed from the brow of Zeus, that question served as the labrys of creation and Digression Girl leapt from my aching head, and from that question, a fully-formed hero, ready to bring wisdom, fair play, and the strongest weapon of all–humor–to her cyber world of all things comic book, genre novels & media, and useless but fun trivia (sprinkled here and there with song lyrics)!

Digression Girl is the hero who no one who cares about the culture formerly known as “geek” knows they want, but we all kinda need. New born and bored, Digression Girl wanted something she could do, something positive, something other than returning to her status as an acknowledgment that I, well, digress. A lot. When I answer and comment on Quora questions, when I make 25-deep linked tweets on Twitter, and when I generally natter on about all things, all the time, it is 99% digresson. It is a defining trait. Expect to see a lot of it on the site. The warning is right there in the name!

Art by Snow

Back to Digression Girl and her story: She took a look around her world, the internet, and Digression Girl saw a lot of not-love and not-knowledge for the source material for the movies and TV shows so many enjoy, and a lot of not-love for the fantastic genre TV shows and movie that adapted genre novels and comic books and wholly original works from people who love the same things we love.

She also saw a LOT of talented people who loved talking about all of this, having spirited conversations, passionate debates, sharing theories, proposing ideas that probably would never happen but would be so cool! All this talent, all these great ideas, all out of love for these “niche” genres, a love that got us labels like “geek,” “nerd,” “fanboy,” and “fangirl.” But something odd and unlooked for had been happening for a while, quietly at first, then so loud it broke the glass in movie studio corporate towers everywhere: While the “too cool for the comic book store” crowd wasn’t looking, “niche” media and the people who created it took over the world. Surely now these talented, intelligent, passionate life-long supporters of these genres would be heard.

Nope. Now, every person with a couple of seasons of the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica or The Big Bang Theory under their belt, has seen a handful of MCU or WoDC movies, loves/hates the Prequels and the Sequels, thinks you have to choose between Star Trek and Star Wars, and has an internet connection fancies themselves experts in the filed and produce a lot of well-intended, but flawed, content. And our voices were being drowned out. Oh, we are out there, making YouTube channels, writing articles, adding our knowledge to questions on Reddit, Quora, various wikis. But we are getting harder to find, edged out by glorified click-bait sites, corporate owned listicles and “review” sites whose writers produce a lot, but it is superficial and often dilled with errors, both of grammar and the topics.

Art by Snow Frost

The trolls the heard some clarion call to action, and came trundling out from under their bridges, to sow dissention and chaos wherever they pop up. And like trolls at a kegger, they hog the mead, throw things in the pool, steal the host’s parents’, well, everything. They create controversy where none exists, offense out of bad scripts and worse marketing, and anger out of nothing worse than disagreement.

Worse? They are winning. They can work the system better than us, because we are sincere and they are just out to cause trouble.

Digression Girl took all of this in, the good, the bad, the incomprehensible; she traveled the highways and byways and backroads of the internet; she made a decision:

We can do better.

This is Digression Girl’s, and my, attempt to contribute to making things better. I hope you will enjoy it. We are new, but growing daily. Digression Girl and I hope you will visit often and watch us grow; comment on the Blogs; become active on the Questions & Answers page–you can ask them or answer them, or both; read Comic Book Reviews and talk about your thoughts, why you agree or disagree in the comment section; get involved in the Chat page, where you can post ideas for others to engage with; Contact us with feedback or site questions; maybe post a guest blog, or a become a regular Contributor. Some of these pages are still being constructed, but we will keep working until this site is fully operational, on target for late July/early August. Fortunately, Alderaan won’t be sacrificed to test our site and terrify the galaxy. You can use the time to read the site Rules to Live By, especially as it pertains to posts (you can use the link or find it on the drop down menu from Home). Short form? Follow Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a Dick.

To see the story based on the answer to that long ago fun question that took digression girl, to Digression Girl, visit About Digression Girl.

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Mission Statement:

My personal promise to you, the reader, and for some of you as time passes, the contributor:

This site will be run with integrity and fairness. Arguments will happen, and should happen, but they will be civil and respectful, or someone will be asked to apologize. Three strikes and you’re out. Who watches the watchman (me)? Mr. DG (aka On-Topic Man) and Sir Knowsalot keep me honest.

It will take a little time, but the plan is to go from our launch with Blogs to general Q & A, users posting questions and getting quality answers, fun theories that grow out of essays or responses no matter how far they strayed from the original* (Terror Tangent’s main playground), great conversations, and all sorts of opinions. The key component for all of these extra features is all of you, those who have commented early, those visiting this after the launch . . . if all I wanted was a place to share my thoughts, this would be a single person blog. I want to create a space that is interactive, fun, and provides an outlet to anyone who is passionate about the topics covered.

There is no try, there is only do.
Art by Snow Frost

I’m lining up folks with expertise in areas I don’t have, so we’ll have comic books; superhero movies & TV; genre lit, movies, TV (for example, The Magicians, BTVS, BSG, Supernatural); gaming, video games, DnD and other RPGs.. . .
We’ll have information about the team, ways to contact the artists if they’re taking commissions, about the contributors (the regular posse), and guest contributors, if I get lucky. Not at all ambitious!

For now, and probably forever, this is not a monetized site. If that changes, I’ll make a decision that will have the least impact on the users, will likely take a poll as part of the decision-making process, etc. But I’m here for the love of the subjects and the love of sharing information, meeting other people with passion for these genres, and awesome conversations! Digression Girl Bloggers are volunteers–they are also here for the love of the the subjects.

Caveat: I don’t always agree with people, nor they with me, but when we can bring a social media “fight” into a land of mutual respect and, if not agreement, at lease polite disagreement, it makes my day. I hope the basic Rules of the site will keep this to a minimum, but we are all human. We will mess up. When we do, this is a safe place to own it and move on.

* While I can’t say “no ‘shippers,” I can say toe that line carefully. You can say “I always wanted Bobby and Ellen to get married like that one episode.” Fine, but don’t fanfic here. There are places designed for that and better suited to it. And if someone does say something and you don’t like it, the first hint that it is devolving into an us-against-them grudge match, and everyone gets to cool their heels in time out.

‘Shipping your favorite pairing should be fun, not a pitched battle. If fighting over ‘ships is your jam, great, keep it where you already get it, and stay here for what is on this menu.

I’ve seen ‘shipping go from passionate to toxic and I don’t like what it does to people. Anyway, everyone knows that Lois Lane should really throw over the Boy Scout for the life of a single gal about the universe, and Clark should marry Maxima. Gah . . .

Digression Girl just can’t help herself sometimes. Also, totally kidding.
Maxima is s00000 20th century.

We had some comments before we even launched! Feel free to add your thoughts throughout the site! You can view the comments at the Digression Girl blog where a version of the pre-launch version of this page and the original comments can be read. They were more than enough to keep the Team’s morale through the roof!

Thank all of you who checked us out early. I hope we can live up to your expectations. Your support is appreciated. I am blessed with amazing artists & writers on Team Digression Girl, and awesome early supporters. Thank you!

And I hope to include amazing readers and site users to my increasing list of great Digression Girl peeps.

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