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Why Choose DigressionGirl.com When the Internet is Full to the Brim with
a Variety of Comic Book, Literature, Movie, & TV Show Sites?

An excellent question!

This site is all about creating a user-friendly and friendly user space for discussion threads, speculative conversation, and general getting to know fellow Digressors on the Digressor Chat page and on the Community: Q & A and More page, where rather than being limited to a strict Question/Answer format, you can also post a topic/perspective/theory you would like to share and not only get feedback, but get to talk with folks like you who love these media forms and hear their take on your conversation topic, becoming a full-blown discourse on the subject matter!

Wait. What’s a “Digressor“? Why, YOU ARE! If you just drop by now and again or sign up on the page, you are a Digressor. No, it’s not a “real” word; it’s a state of mind! It means you have varied interests and love the journey as much as the destination! And you probably have a lot to say about the things you are passionate about!

The site also has a blog section where different contributors discuss different aspects of the content so many of us love! Our bloggers have a writer who has embraced her idiosyncratic discourse whose digressions on digressions will either let you learn new info, see the interconnected nature of genre, make you nuts, all of the above; a noble knowledge-bases knight who spans topics and experiences and whose insight into what makes movies, TV, comic books, and more excellent–a great script; a modern mage who sees the magic in everything from The Dresden Files to Jedi Knights to X-Men and the realm of kings; a wonderful pro writer whose well-worded posts tackle many topics and provide interesting insight; a mysterious spy who comes in from the rain to revisit, review, and share what he’s learned, a gifted at stealthily identifying society and trends to watch; an excellent professional artist and website genius who is generous with her time, providing mini classes on being a freelance artist today, not only in comic books, but with avatars, website art . . . and a passion for sharing how to become and artist; a rare rose and gifted artist who rolls with visual storytelling, as well as sharing the genre works that she loves; a powerful wizard with a penchant for role-playing board games and video games, and who can deconstruct a story arcs and one-offs with a trained literary eye; tangents with teeth, a stealthy sleuth of society and its trends; a denizen of the supernatural who shares her point of view enlivened by personal experience. with sincerity and skill; a terror cursed to a life of living tangentially and who presents her reaction to what she sees and reads as influenced b earlier weeks, its influences on the medium, and may provide examples from real life- she’s also been tapped as the DigressionGirl.com primary interviewer and show-movie-comic book & graphic novel recapper–there will be spoiler, proceed at your own risk; a genuine GenX genius who can switch from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and classic horror stories will be joining; author Mercedes Lackey will drop in as time allows, she is currently completing a forthcoming book, so her page in on hiatus for now–it will return; we have a page for readers who want to share their thoughts via a blog, so if you have a one or two off you would like to contribute, contact us here; and finally, the Blog section includes, Real Talk About the Real World, a page where our bloggers and guest bloggers can address the “real” world, sometimes how it relates to the genres this site serves but also open to opinion pieces on the larger world–you may disagree with the blogger, and that’s why we have a Comment option option, that we encourage you to use!*

Coming soon: Dame Divagate loves getting down and dirty, in true Point Counterpoint way, with her colleagues (especially Sir Knowsalot)! Here, she will giver her take on a mixed bag of movies, TV, comic books, you name it! Dame says, “Let’s get into what works and what doesn’t, why we love it/hate it, and why disagreeing makes you wrong! Kidding! I know my partners are thinking the same thing! Check us out sometime in April 2022!

Also coming soon: GennieX and Buffy the French Bulldog have an “Advice Page” that offers advice, or simple someone to hear you, on any topic from the trials of being a lover of the genres with in to larger issues of growing, growing old, dealing with dating and marriage, and handling grief over losing a loved one as well as the uncertainly of the times we live in, concerns about sex, gender, orientation, and more–and yes, she is as or more qualified as 97% of advice columnists.

The slideshow below covers some of the pages you will find within:

Double wait, what? That’s a lot of hyperlinks for not a lot of menu items! How do you get to the blogs and the other hyperlinked pages here? Just like most sites! You explore the dropdowns! And for the bloggers, look to the right -> those are the direct links to the bloggers if you want to skip the Bloggers dropdown!

Here is Where Your Involvement Can Shape the Site

For those pages that really need YOU to work (Community: Q&A and More, Digressor Chat, and the forthcoming advice column) because they are designed that way, so don’t hesitate to jump in! We value your input on what works, what we can do better, suggestions to improve, and suggestions for new areas to explore are welcome. That includes leaving comments on blogs, responding to the content and each other. The Site Rules page will guide you on what is and what isn’t acceptable. On DigressionGirl.com, a different opinion should never be treated as an act of war, but as an opportunity to find out what informs a different view than yours, and an opportunity for you to explain your motivation and learn about others. This can lead to great conversation among members of and visitors to the site.

If you want to participate, contribute a blog post, or just ask questions, we are down with that. All blogs, regular and guest, are unpaid, but you retain the copyright for your blog posts, comments, and answers. If you’re interested in becoming a regular blog Contributor (on hold until second quarter 2022) or want be a Guest Blogger, reach out to us using the Contact Us page.

And to Sweeten the Pot . . .

Yep, Homelander is telling the truth–I know, right? You never know what he’s going to do next. But there are no ‘bots here. Moderation is done by humans and within the context of whole conversations. Meaning revenge complaints can’t game the system, and people who abuse it will find themselves in the chipped, cracked, and broken system.

If you wish to report bad behavior you can hit the “Report” button on the Community: Q & A and Community. We are working on getting a report function for the comments on blogs and reviews but until we do, you can report bad behavior via the Contact Us page. Be sure to be specific as to what post the comment is associated with, as well as anything that helps us identify it for review.

A Promise from the Site to Members, Followers, and Guests Alike

Would this face lie to you?
Of course not!
Art by Sannah


My personal promise to you, the reader, and perhaps for some of you, future contributors:

This site is run with integrity and fairness. Arguments will happen, and should happen, but they will be civil and respectful, or someone will be asked to apologize. Three strikes and you’re out. Who watches the watchman (me)? Mr. DG (aka On-Topic Man) and Sir Knowsalot keep me honest.

A caveat to people who may see this as an easy poaching ground: The names of each contributor and artist are known to the site admin and if they or we come across their work posted/published under another name, action will be swift and decisive. The option to copy from this site is disabled and we know the same work-a-rounds you do: Please respect the work of the writers and artists on this site. They have worked hard to create something beautiful, welcoming, and informative for you enjoy and participate in. The writers are unpaid and contribute their work out of a genuine love of the genre and a desire to share their thoughts. And while the artists are paid for their work, it doesn’t make their dedication to the site any less than the contributors. Stealing the product of writers and artists is about as low as a person can go. You will not only be banned from the site, you will face legal action.

Ugh! That was a mood killer, but it had to be stated. Fortunately there are far more people who just love the content and beautiful art and respect the people who create it than those who don’t! But some things just have to be said . . . or so it has been explained to me by my lawyers!

Art by Belle

Thank You for Your Support of DigressionGirl.com

It meant the world to us and I hope we’ve measured up
to your enthusiasm!
Please contact us if you have any feedback on
where we have fallen short and what we got right.
Your opinion matters to us and we want to hear from you!

(Same request of all of you who have since stopped by to check us out!)

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